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25 Mar, 2022 / Blockchain development

How to Choose the Right Approach for Blockchain Project Management

Blockchain technology is quickly becoming the backbone of the new digital economy with many challenges for project management. Effective blockchain project management provides a way for businesses to complete important projects on time, with greater efficiency, and at a lower cost. How to manage blockchain projects, choose the right approach, and achieve effective project management of blockchain projects? Let's find out!

11 Mar, 2022 / Digital marketing

What Are the Three Main Factors that Determine Ad Quality

Advertising is a fast and effective way to promote your content, acquire new customers, get leads, and increase brand awareness. The ad quality plays a significant role in whether your ad shows on Google search results or not and whether the ad position is secured. What is a Google quality score, how is it determined, how to get better quality Google Ads, and improve low-ranking status? Let's check it out! 

18 Feb, 2022 / Software development

How to Build a Fintech App

Whether you pay your bills via your bank's mobile app, check your account balance, withdraw money at an ATM, use one of the online platforms for money transactions - you use fintech technology. Fintech empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives, leading to much greater financial literacy and improving their financial situation and outcomes. What exactly is fintech, what does it mean for the average person, and how to build a fintech app? Let's dive deeper and find out!

02 Feb, 2022 / Software development

7 Steps for Efficient Software Product Development Process

In software development, everyone strives to deliver their products on time, with fewer bugs detected and more satisfied customers and buyers. If you want to build a high-quality product that meets requirements and overcomes challenges, following a series of systemic steps is critical. How does a robust software product development process improve the quality of the end product and the overall development process?

07 Jan, 2022 / Digital marketing

What Is a Creative Concept and How to Create It From Scratch

The creative concept is the "big idea" that targets the wishes and needs of your audience. It is the story behind the messages presented in an ad. With characters and elements in advertisements, it helps convey a memorable and compelling message to create and encourage desired behavioral responses from the target market. Where to start with the creative concept and how to develop it? Let's get started!

19 Nov, 2021 / Software development

How to Use Agile Methodology for Agile Product Development

If you want to do something fast, you have to be agile. Today, applying the principles of agile product development means gaining an advantage over the competition. Practical, simple, and effective agile methods can be the engine of your future business success. With its roots in the Japanese business philosophy, the agile way of project management is becoming a growing trend in project management and organizations' overall business.