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09 Jun, 2022 / Digital Design

Top 7 Figma Shortcuts for Working Efficiently 

Figma is gaining popularity among professionals as a design tool for its range of features and usability. But like any software, there are shortcuts to make your workflow faster and easier. With so many keyboard shortcuts to keep track of, it's easy to forget a few of the most helpful ones. Figma is no exception! These 7 Figma shortcuts will help you create and edit your designs faster and more efficiently without sacrificing quality. So learn these shortcuts and start using them in your designs today!

02 Jun, 2022 / Digital Design, Digital marketing, Software development, Sync with Async

Time to Tell the Truth: Employees at IT Companies Suffer from Burnout. Now What?

As much as we dedicate ourselves to our clients, taking care of our team members is highest on our list of priorities. Satisfied and happy employees are the best brand ambassadors and good company culture, appreciated by all team members reflects positively on work atmosphere and overall business results. That is why we put all our efforts into each other, so we can all grow together.

06 Apr, 2022 / Digital Design

What's the Meaning of Cyan Color and How to Use It in Design? 

Behind every color, there are profoundly psychological and subconscious meanings - and in some ways, they can affect your audience even more so than the quality of your product or service. Color selection adds not only aesthetic but emotional appeal to your designs. The colors of your website say a lot about your brand's values. Choose the right ones to enjoy improved conversions and user interactivity.

29 Oct, 2021 / Digital Design

How Can Responsive Web Design Services Make the Difference?

Responsive web design is all about creating web pages that look good on any device. People don’t need to sit down at desktop or laptop computers to shop anymore. They can find anything they want on their smartphones. Responsive websites can be viewed on any device, from large HD monitors to small phone screens. Nowadays, most new websites are responsive, and if yours isn’t responsive yet, you’ll probably want to upgrade or change it completely. 

01 Oct, 2021 / Digital Design, Digital marketing

Why Is UX Copywriting Essential for the Website?

The UX in UX writing stands for User Experience, which means writing with one goal in mind - to make sure people have a great user experience while using your product. UX writers use their words to guide, educate and explain. They organize the words that appear in the app, so they make sense. They also make sure that notification headlines and button link labels are as clear and easy to read as possible.

31 May, 2021 / Digital Design, Software development

What Is a Brand App and Why Your Business Needs It?

The competition today is more significant than ever before. With thousands of mobile apps running every day, the question is how to ensure that your app stands out among all other apps? The answer is a branding app. Branding affects our customers and business partners, future employees, and everyone who has the desire to work with us. It represents the complete expression of your business in the market.

21 Apr, 2021 / Digital Design

Figma vs Sketch: What Is the Right Choice?

Professional designers need tools that will offer them more functions and help create more refined and complex designs. That’s why it’s essential to choose the right tool. The development of web design brought an entirely new group of tools that simplify processes, save time, and further encourage creativity in creating websites and mobile applications. Since there are many design tools on the market today, the question is, which are the best ones?

11 Dec, 2020 / Digital Design, Software development

What Are The Key Differences Between Design and Development?

Whether you want to create a new website or update an existing one, you’ve probably wondered what the difference between a web designer and a developer is and what you ultimately need. Both design and development are essential parts of the website process planning. Web design will make your website look nice and visually attractive and development will make everything work fast and smoothly.