What we do?

Quality speaks for itself and so does our portfolio. Take a look at some of our proudest work.


PIMSF is a state of the art pipeline integrity management software for visualizing, managing and maintaining pipelines, asset integrity and workflows in oil&gas industries.


Odee is a decentralized exchange for trading Ethereum (ERC-20) tokens. Odee combines the speed of centralization with the security of blockchain settlement with 0x protocol.


Bizar platform is the only app you will ever need for business & project collaboration. All your colleagues use it, and all the data you need for successful management of projects is there.


ExRey is a platform that allows content producers and advertisers to link information to the video content. Viewers no longer just passively receive video content but can interact and engage with it.


Aurora is a platform that delivers all important information about women entrepreneurship in Croatia through a concise format.


Gleep is AI powered voice assistant that provides powerful insights into call analytics and postprocessing.

Biscuit People

An international platform for biscuit industry where you can read magazines, explore marketplace or join industry network and meet experts.

MyBeeLine Portal

MyBeeLine Magazine is one of the top beekeeping blogs in the world, currently driving traffic of more than 30000 monthly readers for this niche.


MyBeeLine BeeRM is a full fledged beekeeping platform that is helping beekeepers to manage, analyse and optimise their beekeeping operations. The platform is available in Web & Android version.

Croatian Bitcoin Portal

The first and oldest web portal web portal focused on bringing information, news, statistics, analysis and commentary from the field of digital cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. Closed 2017 cryptocurrency craze with 200k readers and over 300k pageviews.


Rewardzzz is the first universal rewards program utilizing the disruptive technology of blockchain to transfer vendor specific loyalty points among all participating users on the platform.


Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Association (UBIK) website for promotional and blogging activities of the association as well as information for onboarding new members.