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What Makes a Good App?

Many companies nowadays can significantly profit if they have a mobile app. Having an app is an excellent way to keep existing customers and possibly attract new ones. However, it’s not enough to have an app. It has to be unique and provide an excellent user experience. But the real question is, what makes an app great?


6 Key Factors When Testing Mobile Applications

In the modern software development process, the introduction of a testing process is essential. Due to the highly competitive market, it is crucial to maintain an excellent quality of any mobile application type. Just one error and difficulty in the application’s operation is enough for the user to delete it and never use it again.

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5 Reasons Why You Need a Social Media Content Creator

Knowing and understanding the target group is a crucial factor in targeting, creating ads and overall communication on social networks. Users will reward such efforts by interacting, purchasing products and loyalty. This is why you need a professional – social media content creator.

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What Your Clients Want and How to Meet Their Expectations

Although communication with clients can sometimes be challenging, with adequate knowledge and skills, it is possible to establish a quality and productive relationship. With a positive attitude, each employee can successfully communicate with a client and solve the most challenging situations to mutual satisfaction.


Primetime For a Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry?

Blockchain technology is currently applied in many industries. It can be potentially of great use in the oil and gas industry, especially in the aspect of management and decision making, trading and cybersecurity. This innovative technology is used in situations with large volume and frequency of transactions, when cross-border entities are involved, and when data from previous transactions is used for the next transaction or the following entity.


Why Could Blockchain Development Be the Solution of the Future?

Blockchain is an attractive solution if there is an intention or needs for the database to be decentralized. It is also a perfect choice if you want to achieve higher data security and safety. Through greater transparency, greater security and easier traceability, blockchain technology can bring many opportunities and numerous benefits to your business.

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