The secret of writing with passion

Diving deeper: The secret of writing with passion

Copywriters use a deep understanding of psychology, different levels of awareness about specific audiences and human problems, to write words that get people to take action. They create words that have the intention to educate, persuade and sell.

responsibilities of the project manager

9 Key Roles and Specific Responsibilities of the Project Manager

Project Manager needs to have all the aspects of the project organized and synchronized. You need to know the technical aspect of a job, understand the client’s needs and communicate them to everyone involved unambiguously, decide the course of action, schedule the tasks and motivate people to do their best. Piece of cake, right? Here is a short brief of key roles and specific responsibilities of Project Managers.

brand awareness. png

What is brand awareness and why it is so important?

My co-founder and me know how to develop software, we know programing, and we were pretty good at it. But we had one problem, it was not enough. It’s not enough to know how to do something; it’s more important for others to know and recognize that. How to do that? Well, branding, branding, and one more time branding.

Balancing basics in the software development complexity

Balancing basics in the software development complexity

As developers, we tend to display our technical knowledge as often as we can. It feels good to showcase how much we actually do know in our specific areas and we feel really professional when we code something really clever. But the one thing we often forget is to ask a really basic question: Why? Why are we behaving like that and do we really need to do that?

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