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04 May, 2023 / Blockchain development, Software development

The Future of Banking Is Digital: Top 3 Benefits of Digital Transformation

In today’s world, a digital transformation is no longer an option; it’s a necessity. Banking is no exception. As more and more customers turn to digital banking solutions, financial institutions must stay ahead of the curve and innovate to remain competitive. From using big data to leveraging AI to streamline the customer experience, banks are rapidly adapting their business models to keep up with the modern consumer's demands.

15 Jun, 2022 / Blockchain development

Blockchain Architecture Made Simple: What You Need to Know

Blockchain architecture is a term used in software development to describe blockchain technology in designing and developing software solutions. It is widely used in the financial industry to help create more secure and transparent systems and develop solutions for cryptocurrencies, record keeping, smart contracts, and digital notaries. How does blockchain work, what problems does it solve, and how can it be used? Let's check it out!

15 Apr, 2022 / Blockchain development

Synergy of Blockchain and KYC: How to Improve Your KYC Process

According to Thomson Reuters research, it takes 32 days for corporations to complete KYC checks, while 89% of clients report bad KYC experiences. Sharing KYC information on Blockchain would allow financial institutions to improve customer experience, deliver better compliance outcomes, and increase efficiency. What are the flaws of existing KYC processes, and how the KYC Blockchain process verification works in practice?

25 Mar, 2022 / Blockchain development

How to Choose the Right Approach for Blockchain Project Management

Blockchain technology is quickly becoming the backbone of the new digital economy with many challenges for project management. Effective blockchain project management provides a way for businesses to complete important projects on time, with greater efficiency, and at a lower cost. How to manage blockchain projects, choose the right approach, and achieve effective project management of blockchain projects? Let's find out!

14 Jun, 2021 / Blockchain development, Software development

How Is Blockchain Used in the Software Development Industry

Blockchain provides an alternative solution to classic technology. To this day, blockchain has found extensive application in many areas - from finance to hospitality and medicine. It plays a significant role in software development and brings great value and convenience to the lives of end-users. As more enterprises embrace the technology, we expect to see blockchain growth and innovations for years to come.

16 Jul, 2020 / Blockchain development

Primetime For a Blockchain in the Oil and Gas Industry

Blockchain technology is currently applied in many industries. It can be potentially of great use in the oil and gas industry, especially in the aspect of management and decision making, trading and cybersecurity. This innovative technology is used in situations with large volume and frequency of transactions, when cross-border entities are involved, and when data from previous transactions is used for the next transaction or the following entity.