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31 May, 2021 / Digital design, Software development

What Is a Brand App and Why Your Business Needs It

The competition today is more significant than ever before. With thousands of mobile apps running every day, the question is how to ensure that your app stands out among all other apps? The answer is a branding app. Branding affects our customers and business partners, future employees, and everyone who has the desire to work with us. It represents the complete expression of your business in the market.

21 May, 2021 / Software development

How to Choose the Right Backend Technology for Your App

Backend web development is related to the business logic that runs on the server and communicates directly with the database. Backend does everything that happens in the application. The most common and widely used backend technologies are programming languages Ruby, Python, PHP and NodeJS. When choosing backend technology, the most important criteria are speed, reliability, and scalability. And this is something you should look for in technology.

30 Apr, 2021 / Software development

Why Do You Need APIs in Mobile Application Development

API is the acronym for Application Programming Interface, a software intermediary that allows two applications to function and communicate with each other via the Internet. Imagine an API like a restaurant menu. The menu offers a list of dishes you can order, along with a description of each meal. Once you determine which menu you want, the restaurant kitchen does the work and provides you with ready-made meals.

16 Mar, 2021 / Software development

What is Code Audit and Why Your Software Project Needs It

Development, implementation, maintenance of software products and design, documentation, versioning, restructuring, and code audit are the software engineer's core business profile. Code audit helps improve the software code's quality and decreases the bugs and errors in the program code, which leads to enhanced customer satisfaction and retention. It is also the best way to share knowledge across the team and mentor less-experienced developers.

11 Dec, 2020 / Digital design, Software development

What Are the Key Differences Between Design and Development

Whether you want to create a new website or update an existing one, you’ve probably wondered what the difference between a web designer and a developer is and what you ultimately need. Both design and development are essential parts of the website process planning. Web design will make your website look nice and visually attractive and development will make everything work fast and smoothly.