With more and more businesses acclimating to a technological world, it is no wonder that numerous agencies have sprung up to provide digital solutions. What sets Async Labs apart is our consultative approach to every project. 

Any IT service provider can produce results, but it takes a certain level of expertise — which our team has — to tailor innovative products according to a client’s brand. We steer clear of generalization and seek to develop tools, platforms, or frameworks that address unique business needs. 

Here at Async Labs, we focus on software, app, and blockchain development, and specialize in digital marketing and design. We have helped numerous businesses from around the globe overcome challenges through our creativity, passion, and experience. 

That being said, we are thrilled to announce that this 2021, Clutch has named Async Labs as one of the leading development companies in Croatia! We’re proud to be a top-notch crew of developers, designers, and marketers, and this recognition reflects that.

Clutch is a platform specialized in assessing the quality of various companies and merging with clients. The platform collects objective feedback from clients about each company registered on the Clutch website. 

The platform collects reviews in two steps: online and over the phone. The online review submission process includes analyzing the company’s services, case studies, client base, media, and social network presence. The second step is a phone review with clients, which allows the reviewer to learn a lot about the client’s experience. 

Eligibility for this award is determined by a company’s commitment to providing stellar customer service and building industry expertise, so we are incredibly grateful for the recognition, and it means a lot to us.

Verified reviews left by clients

The Clutch platform selects leaders through a rigorous process, taking into account a company’s industry expertise and ability to deliver. Factors such as former clients, services offered, and brand visibility is also reviewed.

Clutch features developers from all over the world, publishing verified and unbiased reviews left by their clients. The B2B rating platform allows businesses everywhere to connect with providers who are the right fit for them and grants top-performing agencies the Clutch Leader Award. 

This is our fourth award in three years – after last year’s award for one of the top development agencies in Croatia and one of the leading development companies in Croatia. We accomplish this mission by working successfully with our clients, hearing their feedback, and ensuring we’re doing everything we can for every project. 

Async Labs is dedicated to creating memorable digital experiences, and our clients claim no differently:

They prioritize teamwork that’s accessible to everybody involved in the project

— Investor, Revuto

They are honest and professional; you’ll be in good hands.”

— Owner, MyDubrovnik

Of course, we extend our sincerest thanks to our partners who’ve taken the time to leave honest feedback. Their insight helps both us and our future clients build confidence in our capabilities.

With a passion for providing high-level innovative IT solutions, we bring an extraordinary experience to our clients, overcome challenges and create real business solutions and values. This is why our mantra is: “We put all our efforts into your product. So we can grow together.”

Talk to us today about your next development project. We are excited to hear from you!