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23 Jun, 2022 / Software development

Scrum Master vs. Project Manager: Top Differences to Learn

How many times did you wonder what is the difference between Scrum Master vs Project manager after opening a job posting site? Their responsibilities, at first sight, look the same and the same keywords can be found in the job description. But are they the same? Let's dive deeper into the similarities and differences between Scrum Master and Project Manager and the responsibilities of these two roles within the IT and agile projects context.

02 Jun, 2022 / Digital Design, Digital marketing, Software development, Sync with Async

Time to Tell the Truth: Employees at IT Companies Suffer from Burnout. Now What?

As much as we dedicate ourselves to our clients, taking care of our team members is highest on our list of priorities. Satisfied and happy employees are the best brand ambassadors and good company culture, appreciated by all team members reflects positively on work atmosphere and overall business results. That is why we put all our efforts into each other, so we can all grow together.

18 Feb, 2022 / Software development

How to Build a Fintech App?

Whether you pay your bills via your bank's mobile app, check your account balance, withdraw money at an ATM, use one of the online platforms for money transactions - you use fintech technology. Fintech empowers consumers to take control of their financial lives, leading to much greater financial literacy and improving their financial situation and outcomes. What exactly is fintech, what does it mean for the average person, and how to build a fintech app? Let's dive deeper and find out!

02 Feb, 2022 / Software development

7 Steps for Efficient Software Product Development Process

In software development, everyone strives to deliver their products on time, with fewer bugs detected and more satisfied customers and buyers. If you want to build a high-quality product that meets requirements and overcomes challenges, following a series of systemic steps is critical. How does a robust software product development process improve the quality of the end product and the overall development process?

19 Nov, 2021 / Software development

How to Use Agile Methodology for Agile Product Development?

If you want to do something fast, you have to be agile. Today, applying the principles of agile product development means gaining an advantage over the competition. Practical, simple, and effective agile methods can be the engine of your future business success. With its roots in the Japanese business philosophy, the agile way of project management is becoming a growing trend in project management and organizations' overall business.