Proof of Work – What it Is and How Does it Work?

In the blockchain industry we hear a lot about consensus algorithms, we debate about them and try to learn as much as possible. As you know, to reach consensus on the network Bitcoin is using proof of work (PoW). Ethereum is using it as well, but soon will replace it with proof of stake (PoS). Why would they do that? Well, there are a couple of reasons, PoS is more efficient than PoW could ever be. But, both of them have their pros and cons.

In this article, we will make an overview of proof of work consensus algorithm, its good and bad sides.

Atomic Swaps

Atomic Swaps and What the Hell are Those?

We have already written about decentralized exchanges and how they are slowly but steadily making their way on the crypto markets. It is a big deal after all. Centralised exchanges have their vulnerabilities as any other software, but the deal here is that they operate with large sums of actual money being exchanged by numerous traders. They are, in itself, a SPOF or a Single Point of Failure in the blockchain network. Therefore, concepts like atomic swaps come to the rescue.


Do You Know How Google Search Works?

Once you made your site, what are the next steps? What do you want to achieve with your site? We guess you want your potential visitors to find it on google search results. What do you think about when you type something in Google search, you are searching sites all around the Internet? Right? Well, that’s wrong! You are searching only pages indexed by Google in his databases. You are not searching the Internet, and if Google does not index your site, there is no way to get it in search results. To achieve your goal you have to understand how Google search works.

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What If Your MailChimp GDPR Consent List is Not Updating Since May 25th, 2018?

What is the big thing with GDPR? You have probably heard about it but did you manage to set up your MailChimp list to follow GDPR rules?

MailChimp is one of the best free to use email marketing softwares. Of course, you can pay to get more, but free mode gives you enough options.

Let me show you how you can set up your GDPR list in Mailchimp and easily update it, so you can have an upgraded list after famous May 25th, 2018.


Why Having a Questions & Answers Section is Good For Your Product?

Let’s say you have a blog, website, or a product that is useful for a certain niche community. You post quality content as often as possible. People read the content and share it on social media if it’s good, entertaining or useful. At some point you also want to decide to build a community, but how do you get people to engage in the community? Social networks are great for sharing and growing the reach of your content.


Params in Ethereum Genesis Block Explained

Developers all over the world are experimenting with Ethereum blockchain and many of them find Ethereum testnet hard to use. Because of that, you may want to set up your private blockchain network. You would have full control over that network, and would not have any blockchain apps that you don’t need. So if you want to have a clear blockchain setup only for yourself, there are a couple of things you have to define. One of them is genesis.json, a file in which you determine all specifications about genesis block of your blockchain.

waves platform

One Project You Can Immediately Start Working on Waves Platform

A lot of talks has been brought up about cryptocurrencies. It is mainly the price that has been the highlight. The crypto markets are a highly speculative market with a lot of price being pumped and dumped based on future predictions of the price. Add regular mortals to the story which can now be in possession cryptocurrency with a swipe of a credit card and you are set for a perfect storm in capital markets which hasn’t been seen up until now.


Track Website Rank Movements With Ahrefs

Today, I would like to show you how we track the movements of our websites for specific keywords using Ahrefs. I believe I don’t need to explain what Ahrefs is; so this article will be focused only on rank tracking using it.

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