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How to Make Your Social Media Account Special?

With the advent of the internet, social media platforms began to spread like wildfire and today, you can see the very proof of it. Nearly half of the population today, spend most of their times on the social media sites. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or any other site you will find millions of users using it to serve their various purposes.


Why are Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Websites?

Smartphones are a common phenomenon in the world. People cannot live without them as they have become a part of their life. The phones are used for contacting people through a normal mobile network or through the internet. The boom in the technological market has led to the making of several types of smartphones made by different companies. A common factor among them is the use of applications to perform the tasks. The smartphones come ready with application stores that let users download the applications through the internet. The apps are either used with the help of the internet or in an offline mode. So, let us know a little more about them and also compare it to the mobile websites.


5 Reasons Why You Need Pinterest for Your Business

Since the time Pinterest has come into existence, it has gained quite a lot of popularity all across the globe. Not only that, but even the number of followers have also increased in the past few years and it continues to grow every month. Pinterest is a platform which is mainly used to share pictures of all genres and types. It is extensively used by people as a photo blogging site and also for advertising campaigns. Millions of users from all around the world log in to the site in search of images. The users are allowed to repin the images so that they can share it with their own users.

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Why Should Every Small Business Be Writing a Blog?

According to a recent study which was conducted by eMarketer it has been found that around 140 million people in the United States read blogs. Whereas another study has proved that reading a trusted blog can influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. This clearly proves that blogs these days play an effective tool when it comes to promoting a business or its products and services. However, it has been also found that most of the blogs that are owned and managed by a business are inactive or is not updated frequently. If you can do it right then blogs can be immensely useful for your business.


Why Should Your Business Be On LinkedIn?

It is a known fact that LinkedIn is a very popular professional networking site which helps you to expand your professional connections and interactions. Starting from individuals to big companies everyone uses LinkedIn in order to benefit themselves in various ways. For the mass, LinkedIn is an absolute favourite professional networking site. LinkedIn serves as an effective tool for promoting your brand and gaining recognition. Speaking of business houses, it is very important for them to have a profile on this very social media platform. It is a platform that provides with an array of networking opportunities and also to stay in touch with your professional acquaintances.

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How to Keep Visitors Attention on the Article?

According to statistics around 70% of the people who tend to leave your article halfway do not return back to your site again. Therefore, it is extremely important that you write your articles as interesting as possible. We live in a world of short attention and that’s why we really have to work hard in order to grab the attention of our readers and also give them content that will keep them engaged for long. Articles or blog these days serve as an effective tool for product and business promotion. Therefore, it is important that you can keep your visitors engaged as long as possible unless you get them to be one of your customers.

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Principles we Use While Writing Unit Tests for Android Apps

Believe it or not, only a minority of Android developers uses Unit tests or tests at all. That brings up a question – how can they be sure that source code they produce works. Many companies don’t use them by default, and the client in the most cases is not willing to pay for extra hours just for unit tests. Unfortunately, that mistake can be costly later, when something happens in the wild, and the app is already in production.

Schedule-Your-Instagram Posts

5 Reasons Why You Should Schedule Your Instagram Posts

By now most of you should know that it is always advantageous to schedule your posts on Instagram. That’s because your to-do-list is really long and you have so much to figure out, so if there is a slight chance that you can save your time by scheduling your posts then why not. After all, there’s a lot of effort that goes into just one Instagram post. Finding photos, researching hashtags, writing captions, etc., there are so many things that you need to take care of before posting your update on Instagram in order to grow your Instagram followers. But in the midst of all this, you can still save time by scheduling your Instagram posts.


This is Why You Should Use Videos on Your Social Channels

Social media is a powerful tool of the current generation. It is enjoyed both by individuals and businesses. It lets you have a global approach in the market. People can connect with pages from all around the world which is a great thing. So, this has opened up a new thing of social media marketing. E-commerce and almost all businesses are making themselves savvy with social media. They have social channels to approach the customers and also to converse with them. This brings everyone closer to each other. On social media one can interact through normal text-based posts, images or even videos. It is also a nice way to advertise the business on a global scale.


0x an Open Protocol for Trustless, Low Friction Exchange of ERC20 Tokens

0x is an open protocol for decentralized exchanges, and in this article we will just give you a little bit of background and timeline on 0x protocol. We will describe the problem that 0x is trying to solve, and let you know about existing work that is done on it already. This article is an overview of Will Warren’s presentation about 0x protocol, which he held in Mexico at the Ethereum Foundation Developers Conference in November, 2017.

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