Track Website Rank Movements With Ahrefs

Today, I would like to show you how we track movements of our websites for specific keywords using Ahrefs. I believe I don’t need to explain what Ahrefs is; so this article will be focused only on rank tracking using it.


GetActiveNetworkInfo Does Not Work as Expected

If you are developing for Android devices, probably you faced the problem where you should check if a user has access to Internet. The general use case is when a user has access to Internet you would call an API and update the local database, but if a user doesn’t have access to Internet, you would skip the API call and read from local database?

blockchain in the automotive industry

How Blockchain will Change the Automotive Industry

Now, in 2018, all indicators are showing us that the automotive industry will soon be more than just an industry about vehicles. Self-driving cars are not just a part of the imagination, many companies are working on it, and soon such cars will become available to general public. Cars will communicate with each other and exchange information about the weather and traffic status. The truth is that automotive industry is changing, and blockchain will make a significant impact on that change. Believe me, the blockchain will be the next big thing, and it will not skip the automotive industry.

Grow Instagram Account Organically

4 Ways to Grow Your Instagram Account Organically

To be honest, I wasn’t a big fan of Instagram. I had my private profile and used it for fun, but never saw any potential business benefit in it. That changed, I started using it for business and saw its potential. In April 2017 Instagram surpassed 700 million monthly active users, that is insane. There is so much potential that you just have to use it.


What will Plasma Bring to the Ethereum Blockchain?

Plasma is coming to the Ethereum ecosystem and in this article we will try to give you an overview of Joseph Poon presentation about Plasma hold on Ethereal Summit 2017. In this article we will not go into details about Plasma, instead we will focus on the context of plasma and the relationship between public and private chains.

Keep in Mind While Doing Product Marketing

5 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Product Marketing

Every manufacturing company who designs a product and is looking to launch the product on the market requires aggressive product marketing strategy. It requires a team of experts to analyse various facets of the product and how it relates to the audience, create social media hype and engage the company for progressive marketing updates. 

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