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Food tracker software

A mobile software that assists users to develop healthy eating habits and reach their health goals. This software allows users to track their food intake and offers personalized challenges to keep them motivated and on track. Users can employ the software to adopt new healthy habits or maintain the ones they already possess. The software’s unique algorithm enables users to set goals that are customized to their individual needs and preferences. Additionally, the software encourages and motivates users to prioritize their health, emphasizing the significance of healthy eating habits. If you are interested in purchasing the software, contact our sales department.




UX/UI Design

Mobile Development

Backend Development





Internal project



Jan 2022 – Dec 2023


The project aims to offer users an all-encompassing food-tracking application. Our software is designed to provide personalized goals and gamification to encourage healthy habits and engagement. Additionally, it displays necessary foods at favorable prices, taking into account the user’s location and nearby markets. With our detailed research, we identified the pain points of competing products. We developed an intuitive software that combines all the necessary functionalities for successful maintenance, increase, or loss of body mass.


Through research and product definition, we have tried to anticipate the biggest challenges that may arise during development. By paying close attention to the needs of our users, we were able to identify pain points such as quick abandonment of diet plans, unrealistic goals, and a lack of engagement. We also developed a payment system that works on a subscription basis to provide a secure user experience while integrating with external payment services. While integrating with external services does pose a risk, we have taken measures to mitigate any potential issues.

Simple food logger

Users can track their meals quickly and easily with ultra-fast food logging utilities. Plus, all items in the app food search database have been verified, so users can trust the accuracy of the foods they log.
The software's food logger features an integrated set of tools for designing user meals.
- Lightning-fast search queries fully verified database of millions of foods.
- Quick Add calories, protein, fat, and carbohydrates directly to log.
- Custom Foods let users create and log new foods with full macro and micronutrient profiles.
- Recipes can be sorted, filtered, and quickly added using both custom and standard serving sizes.

Nutrition coaching algorithms

The app uses smart algorithms to create personalized plans for users to reach their goals. These algorithms can determine the optimal calorie and macro intake targets for each user, much like a personal nutrition coach would. Users can check in weekly to receive smart adjustments based on their progress, helping them stay on track and make necessary adjustments to reach their goals.

Micronutrient tracker

The app allows users to set their own nutrient goals and visualize insights on intake timing and dietary habits with beautiful charts and data reporting.


The app is focused on sustainability, using the most recent scientific advances in nutrition and behavior change to help users achieve their goals and maintain (or even improve) their results over time. Unlike other nutrition coach apps, this app is designed to adapt to users' goals and lifestyles in a flexible manner, while also reducing stress, anxiety, shame, and guilt.

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