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MyDubrovnik - City Guide app

My Dubrovnik is a tourist application that takes the entire tourism sector of a highly exposed tourist city to a new technological level. This mobile app provides a full range of services that have depended on the real economy and enhances those already virtualized. An app integrates existing solutions through API upgrades to become an indispensable product for every tourist who uses smart devices.



UX/UI Design
iOS App Development
Android App Development
Software Development



Law and Technology j.d.o.o.



Jan 2020 – Dec 2020


Millions of tourists visit Dubrovnik to explore the beautiful architecture, enjoy the fantastic gastronomical offer, and see the places where the world-wide famous tv-show Game of Thrones was filmed. Many people would like to find out a bit more about the destination they are going to. Find excellent restaurants, exciting places in the city to see, or locations of the services they need. Our client from Law & Technology had an idea to provide everything from above to users even before visiting the city – to motivate them, even more, to come and visit Dubrovnik city. Besides a remote overview, the idea was to provide a tour guide through the most exciting and most famous points in Dubrovnik for tourists.


When in Dubrovnik, you can see many tourist groups led by the local tourist guides around the city. A lot of noises can disrupt the experience of the sight-seeing if you miss some important information.
Few ideas are behind the tourist guide application:

1) To enable the tourist to explore the city in advance and decide which exciting places to visit and get some basic information about them.

2) To guide the tourist through carefully, in advance, planned tours around the city, providing them the essential information in written and audio format.

3) To enable the tourists to explore the city through the application and to motivate them to visit Dubrovnik live.

4) To encourage visitors to explore Dubrovnik more and to earn discounts for restaurants and shops.



MyDubrovnik tourist guide is an iOS and Android application that provides a structured overview of the most exciting places in Dubrovnik, extracted into different tours with readable and audio details in English or Chinese language. When the user enters the radius point, the audio track will automatically start and provide a user with all the information about that point that is also available in the description. Every tour and point is enriched with pictures to improve the experiences. This way, the user can see specific details of the buildings and different points of view.

There has been a lot of effort invested into the application's gamification to provide a fun and challenging experience for users.
There are two ways users can earn special rewards. The first way is by visiting as many places on the tours and collecting points that can later trade for the discounts in restaurants or shops. The second is by downloading and unlocking the MyDubrovnik Game levels to earn new tours in the application.
As we all know, when coming into a new place, it is handy to know all the useful services location and working time, and that is what this application also gives to the users. You can explore the restaurants, bars, hotels, shops, ATMs, post offices, banks, etc.


Discovery & Architecture

We worked with the client to understand her business, and we merged the initial concept with everything the Async Labs team knows about mobile tourist apps. We assessed the possible challenges and identified ways to overcome them. Our team established what features go into the product and how they work together. Then we drafted a skeletal framework for the app in the form of wireframes.


UX/UI Design

When it comes to first impressions, it’s all about design. We put our passion for good design to work. We put all our passion into an excellent design to make an app run smoother. Based on approved wireframes, we designed all screens.


Development & QA

The development process is broken down into sprints based on feature sets. Our agile-based development process allowed our client to review and assess what we’re building regularly. Our Quality Assurance team tested the app after each development sprint, and once all significant functionalities were implemented, we prepared a Beta Build. After passing the Beta Build through a final round of QA and refinements, we had a Release Candidate Build in our hands.



We have successfully implemented the MyDubrovnik Tourist Guide application as a reference point for all the people who are interested in Dubrovnik city. It is to be used by tourists who come to Dubrovnik city to explore the most beautiful places and get all the useful services information. We have enrolled lots of effort into the project during 12 months of development from all our departments to have the quality final result.


“ They’re honest and professional; you’ll be in good hands. ”

Viktorija Knezevic Owner, MyDubrovnik
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