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13 Mar, 2020 / Software development

9 Key Roles and Specific Responsibilities of the Project Manager

Project Manager needs to have all the aspects of the project organized and synchronized. You need to know the technical aspect of a job, understand the client’s needs and communicate them to everyone involved unambiguously, decide the course of action, schedule the tasks and motivate people to do their best. Piece of cake, right? Here is a short brief of key roles and specific responsibilities of Project Managers.

10 Dec, 2019 / Digital marketing

How to Improve Communication with a Client

Client communication can often be challenging, especially in our field of business where clients are investing a lot of money in their mobile and web applications, various enterprise and blockchain or design and marketing solutions, etc. In Async, we’re continuously working on our verbal and non-verbal communication skills because we think that it’s crucial to have high-level communication with our current and new clients.

21 Nov, 2019 / Software development

How We Approached Standardisation as a Dev Problem

In the past year, Async Labs has grown from 4 people to 14. It's great to see such an enormous growth of our team, but this sudden expansion brought some problems with it: #our processes weren't scalable #we didn't have developer's documentations prepared #our tasks and schedules were ad hoc organised and other similar issue So we found ourselves in a situation where we had to introduce finite standards for our company (for the time being, at least).