Today, many people search for “node js development company” simply because the Node.js developers are in increasingly higher demand.

In the last ten years, one programming language has become increasingly popular and present among developers. JavaScript.

The JavaScript language has always been tied to search engines and its task was only to deal with the behavior of elements on web pages and it couldn’t do more than that.

Thanks to Node, JavaScript has become the most popular and currently most used programming language globally with the most open positions in hiring programmers worldwide.

According to Stack Overflow 2019, Node.js is the most popular tool in the “Frameworks, Libraries, and Tools” category. 

Nowadays, Node.js is so popular in backend development that some of the biggest players already use it. Its popularity around the globe is continuously growing.

More precisely, 17.472 websites already have Node.js on their backend, according to SimilarTech. Some of them are Twitter, PayPal, BBC, AliExpress, Internet Movie Database (IMDb), and many others.

In this blog post, you will learn about the benefits of Node.js web development and find out why massive corporations and well-known companies use this web framework. 

What is Node.js?

Node.js, or just Node, is a platform for building fast and scalable applications.

Node.js is a project written by developer Ryan Dahl, first introduced in 2009 in Berlin. Back then, there was an explosion in using JavaScript to program both the frontend and the server-side, which has not stopped to this day.

Node.js connects the ease of a scripting language and programming. To web servers, Node.js brings event-driven programming and enables the development of fast web servers in JavaScript.

JavaScript was previously used to create interactive websites. It is a scripting language that makes things easier for users by automating website and app processes.

JavaScript is built on one of the fastest engines, Chrome V8. Since it is one of the fastest languages, Node.js is the preferred language for building real-time applications.

What is Node.js used for?

To achieve the best application performance, we have to determine when to use Node.js in web development. Let’s dive deeper into details and see why developers and software companies around the world prefer Node.js.

  • Real-time applications

Node js software development can ensure great speed and performance. The environment can support heavy traffic of multiple short messages or a chat room, where people can talk to each other in real-time.

  • API 

API is nowadays the most popular type of application. In order to communicate with databases or other external services, all web applications need some kind of backend. For example, LinkedIn mobile app talks to the platform’s API and databases. 

  • Collaborative tools

The best example is Trello, a project management application. This app was developed based on Node.js and its event-driven, non-blocking model brought many benefits.

  • Data streaming applications

Every day we use different streaming services, either for listening to music or watching videos. The ability to send large amounts of data in smaller packages instead of a single batch (streaming) is critical for audio or video streaming applications. Node.js is an excellent choice to stream data because it has a built-in streams module that allows transmitting a huge amount of data in chunks, sequentially. If we tell you that global media service provider, Netflix, uses Node.js, you will know how powerful this environment is.

  • Applications relying on scalability

Node.js supports superb scalability, which is the reason why Uber chose Node.js to develop its app.

node js development company

Why hire a Node.js development company?

Since Node.JS has become a technology of choice for creating a robust backend, the need for hiring a Node.js development company has grown more than ever.

The main responsibility of a Node.js developer is to write, develop and implement web-based server-side programming to support business requirements.

If a developer needs a fast and powerful solution to build scalable applications in real-time, the best way to do this is to use Node.js. And if you hire a development company or an agency, you will have Node.js developers in one place. 

When working on a project, several parameters need to be considered. Choosing the right languages, tools, and platforms can determine many aspects of a future app’s functioning, from the straightforwardness of development to performance and efficiency. That is why it is essential to make the right choice at the very beginning.

How node js web development can help you grow your business?

If you have a web application project in mind, you will probably evaluate the pros and cons of building your stack around JavaScript. Sooner or later, you will think of the backend development platform and come across Node.js.

Any developer will most likely suggest Node.js. They see the benefits of JavaScript everywhere. This is because Node.js was the first environment to support JavaScript on the backend. It allowed for an easier transition from front-end development to full-stack development.

Choosing the right backend technology for your next web project can determine your success. Each backend framework comes with a set of pros and cons. But, if you want to develop a robust mobile app, chatbot, or highly responsive website, NodeJS is the way to go. 

At Async Labs, among other things, we use Node.js for API development that can empower mobile and web applications. We also have developers who can do both full stack development using Node.js for backend and React for front and are solely experts upon Node.js and other backend technologies.

Node.js is currently the best option for developing real-time applications that rely heavily on I/O operations such as live video and audio streaming, chat servers, collaborative editing services, etc. 

What else do you need to know when choosing Node.js web development?

There are many cases where Node.js will increase the performance and reliability of your application. Simultaneously, thinking about why we use Node.js in web development, we should mention other aspects of organizational rather than technical issues.

For your project, you should consider hiring experienced professionals who know the tools and platforms you have chosen and can use them to the maximum benefit of your application. 

Node.js is a great development environment that, in most cases, shows excellent performance and brings significant benefits to projects.

Some of the most important benefits of Node.js are: 

  • Open-source NPM repository – over 60 thousand available modules help you find a ready to use solution for a specific problem
  • Scalable systems – it’s straightforward to scale an app horizontally by deploying many instances of your project to the different servers. Also, you can scale your system vertically (at least, you can do it with more ease in comparison to most of the rival solutions).
  • Suitable for microservices – many companies migrate to Node.js when they want to move to microservices.
  • Single programming language – the language on the frontend is JavaScript. Still, it can also be used on the backend, which is a big plus, given that you can share the domain knowledge and models if needed. 
  • Non-blocking I/O paradigm – improved efficiency by handling many simultaneous connections is the main advantage and result of this approach.
  • Reusable code – because of JavaScript, you can easily share parts of code between different components in your system, as we mentioned already. 
  • Time to market – with Node.js you can deliver a minimum viable product (MVP) very fast, save money and time. 
  • Tested on production – in the last 11 years, many companies have had an opportunity to check how Node.js works on production. The result is very satisfying since a lot of big players decided to move to Node.js. 

To learn more about the benefits of Node.js first hand, read the “Node.js User Survey Report” and find out what real users said about Node.js.

Why hire Node.js development company in your next software project?

The answer is scalability. Node.js allows you for better scalability, optimized costs, and improved performance. By using reusable, ready-to-run components of node modules, your team will save loads of time. 

Although it is not yet the most popular web “framework”, Node.js has dominated other traffic aspects. According to Web Technology Surveys, Node.js usually uses websites with pretty high traffic.

Node.js is a high-performance, super-fast and lightweight web environment ideal for asynchronous programming. Node.js helps you to execute multiple actions at the same time. These are the main reasons why Node.js is so appealing for business usage.

Node.js brings many advantages to the business. Its benefits positively impact products, costs, team culture, customer satisfaction, etc. Essential benefits of Node js to be emphasized are reduced development costs and increased application performance. 

If you are planning a web application project and think that a Node.js development agency is just the right thing you are looking for, contact us for professional analysis, advice, and consultation.

We will suggest the right technology that will showcase your idea and ensure the most optimal performance. And we’re looking forward to hearing from you!