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apprais.ly - Human resource software solution

apprais.ly is a human resource software solution for reliable performance feedback in real-time.



Digital Marketing, Digital Design



Apsolon d.o.o.



May 2020 – Sep 2020


In today’s world, management and leadership are among the core values that differentiate companies on the market. It is essential to maintain and improve employee motivation and support them in professional growth and career within the company they work for.
With this idea in mind, apprais.ly came up with the human resource software solution. This solution’s main pros are reliable anonymous performance feedback in real-time to every person you collaborate with inside and outside the organization.


As apprais.ly wanted to show the software’s value, the first step they needed was integrating software in the real market. Their own company was a great match since they have 50+ employees, an HR department, and digital solutions to improve their work.
The second step was to find and reach the target audience at the market and show them an apprais.ly solution that can increase the team’s productivity inside the organization. The main goal was to increase brand awareness and generate qualified leads.

what we did


For integration apprais.ly in the existing company, first, we needed to create content and visuals that will attract people in the organization for using this software. The whole brand is in cheerful colors and friendly communication, so we went in the same direction. To encourage employees to start using apprais.ly, along with the apprais.ly team, we came up with rewards that should gain engagement in using apprais.ly and communicate benefits that should increase productivity and career growth in the workplace.

On the other side, to measure digital marketing achievement, we have set up Google Analytics tools on the website and set up accounts for advertising and remarketing on Linkedin, Facebook and Google Ads and then started campaigns that will generate leads and increase brand awareness.

What we have


With several campaigns on Facebook, Linkedin and Google Ads the brand's website increased for 5,653 New Users in 90 days. As Human Resource is a specific niche with the number of new users on the website, we have covered that all people related to Human Resource in the target country have landed on the client website. For example, in the Google Ads campaign, CPC was 0,08$.
Campaigns were continuously optimized and the final results were measured in the increase of leads for 11700% in Mailchimp, where landed leads from the Human Resource Department; who were the main target in campaigns.

Printed promotional items:
Poster design, Flyer design, Custom designed pens

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“ The Async Labs team put all their effort and time to understand our needs and fully met our expectations. ”

Ivan Ivancic Head of Digital Product Dev, Management Consulting Firm
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