Why Should Every Small Business Be Writing a Blog?

According to a recent study which was conducted by eMarketer it has been found that around 140 million people in the United States read blogs. Whereas another study has proved that reading a trusted blog can influence the purchasing decision of a consumer. This clearly proves that blogs these days play an effective tool when it comes to promoting a business or its products and services. However, it has been also found that most of the blogs that are owned and managed by a business are inactive or is not updated frequently. If you can do it right then blogs can be immensely useful for your business.

Managing a blog needs thought, commitment and time. There are only very few business organizations that are known to maintain a proper blog. This is due to the fact that most business houses face several difficulties or challenges such as finding a good blogger or a writer, deciding on the topic to write, how frequently to post a blog and then distributing the content etc. But, if all this can be handled properly then your business can benefit itself from it. In this particular article let’s look into some of the reasons why every small business should be writing a blog.

Why is blog writing important for a business

Here are some of the reasons why blog writing is important for every business

# A blog is one of those easy platforms that are used to connect and share relevant and timely information with various customers. It is considered to be on of your direct communication channels.

# The blog is supposed to fuel SEOs. The search engines love all valuable contents and are known to reward you for it.

# One does not need to be a professional designer. Most of these blogging platforms like Hubspot and WordPress are considered to be people friendly and do not require any advanced graphics skills.

# 60% of the businesses that blog are known to acquire more customers. This is according to a certain Hubspot survey. Consumers are known to often read blogs that are from a trusted and reliable source.

# The blog is considered to be the heart of all content marketing efforts. It is considered to be fodder for Twitter, Facebook, emails newsletters, eBooks, and LinkedIn etc.

# It is known to give the company a voice. A blog is considered to create a place whereby people can talk about various services and products. People can also comment on various current news topics or even the market trends. It is also considered to be a place to let a brand shine personally.

# When a person writes a blog he shares their expertise. How else can a person position themselves as a thought leader and subject area expert?

# A blog is known to create a type of two-way conversation with prospective customers and industry peers. It is known to encourage comments, interactions, and varied feedbacks. It is essential that you reply to all the comments.

# Blogging is considered to be fun, stimulating, energizing and something that you look forward to. Therefore, it is considered to be one of the main ways to get the attention of your customers.

# Blog writing will help you think about various news topics, your customers, your industry and the world surrounding you. This will help you to keep your blog interesting and thus it will attract more readers to read your blog.

# A blog is meant to keep your focus on any content marketing strategy. A person needs to create a schedule and then stick with it on a continuous basis delivering purposeful contents.

# It is known to create free PR. Business bloggers are usually interviewed by many journalists as industry experts. A blog is known to build sales, relationships, and confidence. Customers usually look at you as one of the reliable sources for information on your industry. They, later on, contact you to purchase. Thus it can be said that blogging is a great PR tool that is being practiced in the recent times.

# Blogging is known to sharpen the business focus to create a blog strategy one must define who they are blogging for including the reasons. A blog having no focus doesn’t attract the reader.

# Blogging does help in staying ahead of the curve. A blogger needs to stay on top of trends, news, and competitors in order to be successful. It helps a person in being a leader and not a follower.

# A blogger can tell their own brand story. A blog is also considered to be a great place for offering insight into your philosophy, company, ideas, and employees. A blogger needs to tell their customers why they are in business and how they can be of service.

# Blogs are considered to be cost effective with regards to marketing investments. Every post that is published is considered to be a long-term asset that actually helps in building brand awareness and even promoting their products, expertise, and services. This is one of the main reasons that small business houses should maintain a blog since it doesn’t require that much investment. It’s a cost-effective tool but yet a beneficial one.

# A blog gives an insight into the audience. Blog analytics does help a person to track their readers, popular topics, click through, shares and comments. A blogger may also know which day of the week did their visitor preferred to stop by. Thus, blogging is indeed helpful for a business.

# Blogging is considered to be an inspiring task. A person starts seeing ideas all around them while talking with colleagues, reading, watching movies and simply walking down the street.

Thus, from the above discussion, we get a clear idea about why every small business should maintain a blog. Considering the importance of blog writing it can be said that both small and big businesses should maintain it.

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