In today’s time, the core contributors to the growth and success of any small business is the standard and amount of their social media presence. Amidst this digital age, social media platforms are a king and are open to be tapped by anyone and everyone. The potential existing is massive since they provide the opportunity to spread tap to billions in one click. There are several key public networking platforms to spread the word regarding your business to the world.     

Amongst the innumerable sites, Instagram as a platform is one of the primary public networking dais which is essential in deciding the success or failure of a business. Instagram over the span of eight years has come a long way and the platform is continuously growing since then. It has an estimate of over five hundred million daily users, business start taking notes! When it comes to business, Instagram has some clear methodology to increase sales and viewership.

Following are listed series of pointers to help you realize the potential of Instagram and why it is essential to the lifeline of your business:

Tremendous popularity

Second to Facebook comes Instagram, when considered the amount of time devoted to social media by people. Multiple hours every single day are spent scrolling through different posts on Instagram by almost five hundred million people all over the world. Tapping this audience in an instant with this app isn’t a mere add-on, but is an essential component of the growth strategy which has been adopted by the small business. Instagram is highly popular amongst individuals from different generations and therefore, offers the users a unique space with a lucrative number of audiences with phenomenal diversity.  

Visual content

One of the best features of Instagram lies in its primary purpose as an app. The entire idea of Instagram is to have the users share pictures and videos with their friends and family.

Therefore, for any small business, the platform provides the indispensable space required to advertise your services and/or product along with an exceptional space for visual content. In today’s time, people are a lot more interested in visuals such as photographs and videos instead of going between conventional blog posts.

Sales driver

Instagram is known for being one of the best digital promoters and advertisers for any vocation. In contrast to its competitors, Instagram has risen to become one of the most populated apps to be used. The platform has also starting to act as a resource center which is utilized by people to review and check a product before they make a purchase. Hence, it is critical for a small business to ensure a fully updated and flawless Instagram profile which therefore will attract the patron the moment they step into your profile.  

Early bird

The best way to seek advantages is to market your business on Instagram by reaping the fruits of being an early bird today. Many organizations and entrepreneurs are focusing on getting more out of Facebook, which has already become a densely populated ground for advertisers and marketers alike. On the other hand, Instagram is a platform which has swiftly risen to the top and hasn’t yet been tapped sufficiently enough by small businesses. Therefore, you today have a unique elbow room to spread the word regarding your business while not making your way through an overly populated platform.  

Ease & efficiency

Gone are the days when one required to go through a tumultuous process for publishing their advertisement on a certain platform. Thanks to the advent of the digital age and the consequent progressions, one now holds the capability to advertise to billions of people with the tap of a button. There isn’t a better example than Instagram to showcase the colossal power an app holds to market a business to such a huge number of people within seconds. This platform is known for its quirky and fun content which is great for on-the-go promotion and advertising by putting up great quality candid shots and posts along with primary advertising.  


One of the most fascinating aspects of Instagram is the tremendous potential to captivate the client. It is a platform which lets you connect with the customer like nothing in the past. Communicating with posts and content put up is swift and easy for consumers, and therefore, there isn’t any lag noticed when it comes to testing the engagement levels of a post which has been put up. People are able to like, share and comment with tremendous ease which makes it a lot more probable for them to engage with your post if they like the concept. No wonder marketers and advertisers have nicknamed Instagram as the King of Engagement.  

Get creative

Instagram is known for creators and the incredible things they have been able to achieve over the years due to the sheer creativity showcased by them on this platform. The platform implores a marketer to brainstorm creative methods to put up a post which can immediately cash the attention of a large number of people it gets broadcasted to. Instagram is the tool with which creators can make use of their creativity and innovative thinking to attract the attention of a tremendous amount of customers immediately.  

The bottom line

Any small business has the primary challenge to spread the word regarding what they do in their business. We thankfully live in an age, where good, attractive content does win and gain the traction which it initially aimed for. Small businesses need to get good at putting out fantastic visual content out there to attract the attention it requires to facilitate a substantial amount of growth. Social media presence is nothing shorter than a pivotal element to contribute towards the overall growth in sheer customer base for any small business. The content one puts out gets noticed by a large number of people. It comes down to how good the business or start-up is with creating the content which is captivating enough to make people stop and engage with it. Commence as early as viable, since it allows one to begin the process of garnering a following and eventually snowballing into a colossal customer base.

So, there you have it. Now you probably know why Instagram is so important for your business. It takes a lot of effort to build an Instagram profile worth admiring but the aids and advantages are worth that hard work and effort. See you on Instagram!