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Revuto - One stop solution for all subscriptions

A financial technology company that offers recurring payments blocking service including a prepaid debit card, subscription payment management, peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrency buying, sending and exchange.

Service: Software Development, Digital Design
Client: Revuto ltd
Date: Oct, 2019 - Ongoing


Consumers in Europe spend about 5% of all their spending on subscriptions. They spend, on average, 130 euros per month for subscriptions, such as video, music, sport, or food. The subscription economy in Europe is estimated to be worth 350 billion euros per year and all this has primed our partners and clients at Revuto to tackle this domain head on. They set out to build a platform that would allow users to take control of their subscriptions and recurring payments.


As with every new digital product that is being built completely from the ground up we have engaged with the Revuto team on solving several major challenges that were identified at the start of the project. The project was set in two stages: Web application/presentational website and mobile apps.

The first stage before starting the development of the core functionalities on mobile apps for iOS & Android was the website that needed to act as a generator of early leads and signups for the service. This had to be very straightforward and simplistic in terms of UX, however the core system behind engagement was to be a referral program. The goal was to make this a very simple cyclic process and have it ready for traction generation.

The second stage was set several months after the website launch and was focused on the selling point of the application which is management of subscriptions and recurring payments. The main challenge here was to make the onboarding as fast and easy as possible so that a potential user can have a subscription added in 8-10 steps from initial registration.

what we did


The REVU system allows users to collect tokens which they can later redeem for a varius set of services and products as long as they drive engagement and new sign-ups onto the platform. The architecture of the website is built upon node.js to allow later scaling with blockchain where the REVU tokens will be upgraded as a crypto token to function as a currency within the Revuto ecosystem. Everything transaction is connected via Postmark for notifications so that users are aware of every level they progress through. A system of gamification is added to keep the users engaged and drive traction to the platform. Furthermore vouchers and targeted invites were implemented for single targeting and acquisition of specific users.

What we have


The final product is a complete platform that covers an entire lifecycle for the user from the acquisition side all the way up to the end-user of the application. This is a project that was in development & implementation for over 15 months and included a wide range of Async Labs professionals from Copywriting, Design, Development, Analytics, and Project management.

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“ They prioritize teamwork that's accessible to everybody involved in the project. ”

Vedran Vukman Investor, Revuto
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