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Revuto - Subscription Management App

A financial technology company that offers recurring payments blocking services including a prepaid debit card, subscription payment management, peer-to-peer payments, cryptocurrency buying, sending and exchange.



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Revuto ltd



Oct, 2019 – Ongoing


Consumers in Europe spend about 5% of all their spending on subscriptions. They spend, on average, 130 euros per month for subscriptions, such as video, music, sport, or food. The subscription economy in Europe is estimated to be worth 350 billion euros per year and all this has primed our partners and clients at Revuto to tackle this domain head-on.

Revuto’s mission is to enable their customers to save money by allowing them to take control over what, when and how they pay for their subscriptions. By leveraging Cardano native tokens and DeFi to pay for the subscriptions, Revuto’s ecosystem is designed to save people’s money regardless of the crypto market conditions.


As with every new digital product built entirely from the ground up, we have engaged with the Revuto team on solving several significant challenges identified at the start of the project. They had a grand idea, and that idea required a systematic approach to building Revuto towards several big milestones which had to be aligned to push this project forward. The scope was divided into the following:

1) design and development of the brand and identity,
2) development of a lead generation website with focus on product presentation and referral system for acquiring new signups and brand awareness,
3) development of core MVP for showcasing the product-market fit of subscription management to early investors
4) supporting the Revuto token sale on Cardano,
5) development of an integrated mobile wallet supporting Cardano blockchain and Cardano native tokens.

What we did

Brand and user interface style guide

After we were defined who the app's target audience is, what problems it solves, and what message it sends, we built a brand image. One of the core elements of branding is a logo which is a visual symbol representing the brand. Talking about mobile apps, the vital thing to think about is the correlation of the logo with an app icon.

Revuto logotype represents the team's name behind this business idea, while the shape represents a cyclic process. The choice of typography and colors supports the recognizable fintech style, emphasizing simplicity, professionalism, and transparency. In the same aspect, it was necessary to define graphic content like custom illustrations, branded interactive elements, and the design of the Revuto debit card.

What we did

Landing page & Referral program

Before developing the core functionalities on mobile apps for iOS & Android, the first stage was the landing page and website that needed to act as a generator of early leads and signups for the service. This had to be very straightforward and simplistic in terms of UX. However, the core system behind engagement was a referral program. The goal was to make this a straightforward cyclic process and have it ready for traction generation before the token sale.

Implementing a referral program for a crypto project required a lot of effort as it was the main point of a brand awareness campaign where the goal was to reach as many new potential users as possible. This required several UX and software mechanisms to mitigate fraud and illicit signups due to the monetary incentives of the referral program. The referral program was a huge success, raking in more than 2 million sign ups which led to a massive increase of users and investors that were interested in revuto token sale. Needless to say, Revuto conducted the first token sale on Cardano and raised more than 10 million USD.

What we did

REVU tokens tracker

Following a successful token sale we had to provide the users an interface to track their investment amounts in specific tiers. This had to be closely monitored and tied together with the KYC process which made sure they are credible investors and are able to claim their tokens (fraud prevention).

What we did

Non-custodial crypto wallet

We ventured together with the Revuto team to build the best Cardano native wallet on the market. The wallet was a natural expansion of service towards their user base and required a deep dive approach in the complexities of the Cardano blockchain ecosystem. The wallet itself is implemented as a non-custodial meaning that users always have control via their private keys and mnemonics. It features all basic functions like send, receive, transaction syncs with the nodes as well as possibility to claim the revu tokens directly to their wallet.
This was an enormous challenge as the technology is cutting edge and on top of a very young development ecosystem with not so many resources and documentation. However, we successfully deployed the wallet on both iOS and Android platforms with more than 100.000 downloads on both platforms respectively.

What we did

Subscription management

Next stage in the development is the core of the application, which is the management of subscriptions and recurring payments. The main challenge here was to make the onboarding as fast and easy as possible so that a potential user can add a subscription 8 -10 steps from initial registration.

What we have


The final product is a complete platform covering an entire lifecycle for the user from the acquisition side up to the application's end-user. This project was in development & implementation for over 15 months. It included a wide range of Async Labs professionals from Copywriting, Design, Development, Analytics, and Project management.

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“ They prioritize teamwork that's accessible to everybody involved in the project. ”

Vedran Vukman Investor, Revuto
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