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Free Software / App Development NDA Template

In today’s world, information means power. By storing confidential information, a company achieves its competitiveness and success, so it is essential to protect it as much as possible to prevent potential losses.

Confidentiality and protection of private data are crucial when building trustful business relationships. It is essential to keep clients’ business as just that – their business.

Sometimes, you have to share that confidential information with others to achieve your business goal. In such situations, NDAs (Non-disclosure agreements) provide security and protection to confidential information.

With NDAs, information or trade secrets can be revealed to the other party but remain protected against information leakage.

What is an NDA and how does it work?

non-disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement, is a legal contract between two parties. It protects confidential information, knowledge, or material and restricts parties from sharing this information with other parties.

NDA contracts are used to protect intellectual property, such as trade secrets or unpatented ideas.

While starting a new business or product, you will need to discuss confidential information with a third party at some point. It can be a bank, an investor, an accountant, an agency, or others.

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