Why are Mobile Apps Better Than Mobile Websites?

Smartphones are a common phenomenon in the world. People cannot live without them as they have become a part of their life. The phones are used for contacting people through a normal mobile network or through the internet. The boom in the technological market has led to the making of several types of smartphones made by different companies. A common factor among them is the use of applications to perform the tasks. The smartphones come ready with application stores that let users download the applications through the internet. The apps are either used with the help of the internet or in an offline mode. So, let us know a little more about them and also compare it to the mobile websites.

What are a smartphone or mobile applications?

A mobile or a smartphone application is a software application that has been specifically made to run on a smartphone interface. The mobile applications are often compact compared to browsing the websites. Every app has its own function on the device and it cannot go beyond it. You can easily spot the applications on your phone as they have dedicated functions. For example, the calculator app is used for calculating and the calendar app is used for keeping track of things or just knowing the date. Smartphone OS companies like Android and iPhone have their dedicated app stores. People can either download the app for free or pay for it. Software companies produce an application for different OS’s so that everyone is able to use them. The apps are way easier to use than the mobile websites and this calls for us to state the reasons behind it.

Benefits of Mobile Apps over the mobile Websites:

As you read, we are talking about the mobile applications that have revolutionized the world. But several companies also built mobile-friendly websites for their customers. It was soon noticed that the customers move towards the applications than a website. So, let us see some reasons behind the mobile apps being superior to the mobile websites:

# Mobile apps offer greater personalization options to the user. They can use the application according to their choice which often eliminates the annoyingness of using a website on the phone. One of the main things is about the notification which they can turn off in case of applications. They can also choose other preferences on the applications.

# Mobile apps are surely faster than the websites. It may seem that mobile compatible websites work fast but the applications are way ahead of them. It is always easy to click on an application to be able to work immediately. But mobile websites do take a considerable amount of time to show up on the browser. They are worse at the times when the internet is down. But the applications are made in a way that they will keep but with the low internet.

# Mobile apps also allow the person to access an app in the offline or online modes. While this isn’t true for e-commerce shopping websites, they are definitely true for application based on tasks. A person can whip up a to-do-list application or a schedule tracker application within seconds when they do not have access to the internet. But it isn’t possible if the software is based on a website. This is especially true for gamers as they do enjoy offline game applications that are found in mobiles.

# Notifications are an amazing feature that is a part of the mobile application. For example, if you are on Facebook then you can get the notifications instantly on the screen. But on mobile websites, you have to go to the website to actually check the notifications. This is also beneficial for people who need to keep a track of their emails or messages. They get this feature in instant messaging services as well, so it allows them a peek into the app even before they open it. Notifications are also highly customizable to meet your needs.

# Mobile applications also let you use other features that are present in your smartphone. Often you will see the QR or barcode scan features on the e-commerce applications and they take the help of the camera app. Gaming apps also take help of the compass or gyroscope to make the experience better for the user. But these things are often missing from a mobile website. Mobile application makers actually design the apps in a way that it will be more fulfilling for the users.

# Companies find it easier to design mobile applications and they have more freedom as well. If they are operating through a website, then they will need to follow the course of the design that is already laid by the browser. But in the case of applications, they can add their personal touch to it and actually provide features which are exclusive to them. It also easier for the company to brand themselves on a mobile application. It also reduces the cost of the company to make extensive changes. Apps also leave a greater space for improvement and they help to get feedback from customers.

# Apps are more interactive than a website. A company or a person can make their mobile application and add their signature to it. This may include a new design or even an application that is filled with animation. Even mobile users are drawn towards a mobile application rather than visiting numerous websites. They find it thrilling to go into the application store and actually find an app that they will enjoy. Also, it is easier to make an app SEO compatible through much better content.

So, here are some of the reasons behind mobile apps being better than mobile compatible applications. Most companies have taken the way of providing both platforms to their users. But new applications are coming out every day with new features and new techniques. The unique and thought-provoking ones are a success as smartphones are present in every place around the world. If you think of launching a company, then definitely make a mobile application for it.

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