Track Website Rank Movements With Ahrefs

Today, I would like to show you how we track movements of our websites for specific keywords using Ahrefs. I believe I don’t need to explain what Ahrefs is; so this article will be focused only on rank tracking using it.


GetActiveNetworkInfo Does Not Work as Expected

If you are developing for Android devices, probably you faced the problem where you should check if a user has access to Internet. The general use case is when a user has access to Internet you would call an API and update the local database, but if a user doesn’t have access to Internet, you would skip the API call and read from local database?

Keep in Mind While Doing Product Marketing

5 Most Important Things to Keep in Mind While Doing Product Marketing

Every manufacturing company who designs a product and is looking to launch the product on the market requires aggressive product marketing strategy. It requires a team of experts to analyse various facets of the product and how it relates to the audience, create social media hype and engage the company for progressive marketing updates. 

pro tips for business website

Pro Tips For Creating the Best of a Business Website

In this age of growing entrepreneurship, where there is a craze among the youth to have their own start-ups and ventures, it is an equally important aspect to have a beautiful, concise and lucid website of the venture. In the corporate world presentation is one aspect which carries a huge weightage and any issue with it would bring a bad market value to the product, no matter how good its design and concept might be. 

Your Business Should Have an Instagram Account

This is Why Your Business Should Have an Instagram Account

In today’s time, the core contributors to the growth and success of any small business is the standard and amount of their social media presence. Amidst this digital age, social media platforms are a king and are open to be tapped by anyone and everyone. The potential existing is massive since they provide the opportunity to spread tap to billions in one click. There are several key public networking platforms to spread the word regarding your business to the world.     

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